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6 Tattoo designs to take with you ALWAYS luck

It may be that some keys to success are work, perseverance or discipline, however, one aspect that we often forget is luck. Being the magical factor that puts the universe on our side, even in the least likely scenarios, it is easy to understand why some ancient civilizations practiced all kinds of rituals to attract fortune.

If you believe in the wisdom of past ages, you will understand that some symbols have so much power that they can generate attraction of abundance in your life. Of course, bring a horseshoe in your pocket will not be the magic solution to meet all your goals. Put all your attention and work in what you dream most will be the main factor of your success, but if you also believe in the magic of chance, and you are also addicted to tattoos like us, maybe your next body art is one of these designs to carry luck with you.

1. Hand of Fatima

fatima hand tattoo

Also known as Hamsa , it is a symbol and amulet in the form of a flat hand with an eye in the center. In the culture of the Middle East and North Africa is used for the protection and defense of bad energies or evil eye .

2. Egyptian eye

Egyptian eye tattoo

Eye of Horus or eye of Ra is a symbol of protection against bad energies. It has healing powers and is also known as the third eye because of its resemblance to the pineal gland.

3. Anchors

anchor tattoo of colors and hearts

The origin of the anchor, used as a figure of good luck, comes from its literal use: to serve as weight in boats when they touch the port. That is why for many sailors it symbolized stability in the face of any inclemency or storm.

4. Swallows

swallow tattoo on woman's back

The swallow flying or singing means liberation. Its history exists thanks to the sailors, who tattooed this animal for every 5 thousand navigated nautical miles. Convinced that the swallows were attracted to good luck to return home safe and sound, the seamen trusted in the good luck of these birds.

5. Four leaf clover

blue four leaf trefoil tattoo

It is the most popular fetish to attract abundance and good energy. The difficulty in finding one of these is so great that when one is found this is synonymous with magic and fortune. It is known that each leaf of this small plant represents love, wealth, health and fame.

6. Elephant

elephant tattoo with flowers

It is said that the Hindu culture was the one that most venerated the elephant and translated its figure as a symbol of wisdom. Those who carry the elephant carry a shield of protection, in addition to this beautiful animal is representative of virtues such as strength, intelligence and loyalty.

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