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15 Designs of tattoos on your fingers so cute that they will be another ‘jewel’ in your hands

Choosing the place where you are going to place a tattoo is something that should be thought very well; After all, it will remain there until the day you die, if you do not decide to remove it with a laser before, of course. Most of the girls choose the dolls, the back, the clavicle and even the spine, but there is a space in which not all dare to put a tattoo: the fingers.

The designs that can be created are small, but they are also special and unique. With letters, hearts, animals and even plants you can express your tastes and interests perfectly and also reflect your personality. These are some ideas that will inspire you to get a tattoo.

1. These stars will decorate your fingers

Tattoo in the form of stars on the finger

2. A complex design that looks very interesting

Tattoo on the thumb of the hand

3. Do you remember the story of the red thread? Maybe that’s how you’ll find your other half

Tattoo of a bow on the little finger

4. A message to remember that you must not lose faith

Tattoo with an inscription on the middle finger

5. If you are a nature lover you need this giraffe

Tattoo of a giraffe in the middle deod

6. A delicate and very cute tattoo

Tattoo that says love on the middle finger

7. If you want something simple then you need a nice heart

Tattoo of a heart on the middle finger

8. Discreet and very suitable for the queen that you are

Tattoo of a crown on the middle finger

9. This is a pretty feminine design

Tattoo of a bun on the thumb

10. If you’re a Harry Potter fan you need to have the relics of death

Tattoo of the relics of death on the finger

11. A small wave that will remind you of the ocean

Tattoo of a wave on the middle finger

12. This reflects a profession

Tattoo of a pair of scissors the middle finger

13. A stunning and beautiful tattoo

Tattoo of a deer on the middle finger

14. This will make you remember your childhood

Tattoo of a boat and an anchor on the middle finger

15. You definitely need this tender fish!

Tattoo of a fish on the middle finger

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